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Boo Boo Spray For Kids


In our house, the method of boo boo remedy’s has changed a bit over the years. When my boys were babies, they asked for kisses to fix any little fall, bump or bruise and this Momma Darlin was always more than happy to oblige. After all, Momma (and Daddy) kisses have the power to fix everything, right? A couple years later, essential oils became a part of our everyday life. I decided to whip up some boo boo spray with some healing oils and added that to our arsenal of defense! Now-a-days, my boys get a kiss (without request 😉 ) and ask for boo boo spray. I keep a little bottle in my purse so I’m always prepared. In my experience with this spray, bruising is less likely and we’ve never had any issues with infection. Again, I’m not a Doctor and I’m not making any claims, but I will never be caught without this stuff!

I never was keen on putting store-bought antibiotic creams on myself OR my kids. One of the main base ingredients in these creams is often petrolatum, a refined version of petroleum. Here’s an article about petrolatum stating that it is often contaminated with poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) because it isn’t always fully refined in the United States. While petrolatum scores a 4 on the Environmental Working Groups skin deep database, PAHs score a 9. The worst possible score is a 10. I prefer a score of 2 or below for products that my kids will be using. Very occasionally, I’ll use something that has an ingredient with a rating of 3.

The nice thing about this Boo Boo spray is that it is super easy to make and not very expensive. The ingredients needed for this will last a very long time.

For this recipe, you will need:

  • A liquid carrier oil of your choice. I prefer jojoba or fractionated coconut oil as my base
  • Essential oils of your choice. I prefer First Aid by Rocky Mountain oils. Frankincense and lavender would be great alternatives
  • 10ml spray bottle. I get mine here.


  • Add a total of 6 drops essential oils to the 10 ml spray bottle
  • Fill the rest with liquid carrier oil
  • Put the spray top back on and its ready to go. Before spraying on any boo boos, remember to give it a little shake.

When it comes to diluting oils for my kids, I follow this dilution chart from Rocky Mountain Oils. Since this is something we only use on a localized area, I use a 2% dilution rate.


Boo Boo Spray

This is a simple spray for all those little bumps and bruises. 

Author MommaDarlin


  • 10 ml Jojoba oil or any liquid carrier oil of your choice
  • 6 drops First Aid by Rocky Mountain Oils. Frankincense and lavender would be great alternatives
  • 10 ml spray bottle.


  1. Add Essential oils and jojoba oil to the 10ml spray bottle. Spray on small cuts, scrapes and bruises.

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